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Déan do dhícheall i gcónaí

Return to School


Dear Parents/ Guardians,


On Monday 1st of March, we look forward to welcoming back our Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First and Second Classes.  We are delighted to welcome you back to the classroom.  Third to Sixth Classes will continue to be taught remotely in the hope that we will welcome them back in due course as per the phased reopening guidelines.  At present the date is the 15th of March but this will remain to be seen.


We the staff will work hard and play our part to make our school a safe environment for your child to return to as safely as possible. All Teachers will take each child’s temperature on entry every morning. Junior and Senior Infants will use the front door to enter and exit while 1st and 2nd classes will use the emergency exit door at the rear of the building.  All children will use hand sanitiser units on entering and exiting their classroom and school building.  Social distancing will be observed where possible.  Regular sanitising and hand washing will be practised throughout the school day.  The school is cleaned and sanitised daily.  Windows will be fully opened during breaktimes to fully ventilate the classrooms.  During class the windows will be fully opened.  Junior and Senior infants will use playground to the rear of the building whilst 1st and 2nd Classes will remain at the front of the School.  All school staff will wear medical grade masks.


It is imperative that the Parent Declaration Form which is attached to an emai sent out from the school is completed and signed prior to your child returning to school.  Please put the signed declaration form at the top of your child’s box.  We will have forms printed and available in the drop off box at the front door between 11am and 1pm tomorrow Friday.    Could we please ask that your child’s box be sanitised using wipes or spray PRIOR to returning to school. On Monday morning could you please drop your child’s box to the gate and a member of staff will bring it into the school building.


I would ask all parents to please review the symptoms of Covid 19, to ensure that children with symptoms do not attend school and that all children know and understand procedures in place in school.  You, as parents can help the school by being individually responsible and not lingering outside the school gate at drop off and collection times.  It is welcome that children see their friends in school but please do not organise play dates or home visits.


As Thursday is World Book day children can dress up as a character from a book.


Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Kind Regards,


Yvonne O’Sullivan