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Déan do dhícheall i gcónaí

Kayleigh-Mai Walsh


Congratulations to one of our sixth class pupil, Kayleigh-Mai Walsh who won the Tidy Towns Competition to turn on the Waterville Christmas Lights yesterday evening. Kayleigh-Mai wrote a poem entitled “My Loving Home” that won the competition. Congratulations Kaylaigh-Mai!

My Loving Home by Kayleigh-Mai Walsh ( 6th Class)

My house is not a palace,

And it doesn’t always shine.

It can get very noisy at times,

But this loving home is mine.

There are toys all over my Living room

And shoes thrown in the hall,

The dishes are piled high in the sink,

But laughter is heard from wall to wall.

So many children have no home,

No bedroom to call their own.

I have my parents and siblings with me,

All together in our loving home.

We might argue about the TV,

Or moan about our chores,

Mom and Dad are quick to remind us,

There are children eating outside shop doors.

They do not have any television,

And not enough food to keep them full,

They go to bed cold and hungry,

And have no education at all,

So, I may not have everything I want to own,

But at least I have my family

And my loving home.