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Déan do dhícheall i gcónaí

Guest Speaker


Many thanks to our guest speaker, Angela Keane who called to the school today to speak to the children about her volunteer work in Peru. Angela gave the children a great insight into what life is like in Peru, especially for children with special educational needs. She explained to the children how she got involved in this line of work and also how she has set up services for these children where there wasn’t any before. Angela showed the children a short video where they got to see some of the children and families that she works with in Peru.

The work that Angela is doing for these families in Peru really is life changing. To do our bit to help, St. Finian’s NS will this year donate all funds raised during our Lenten Campaign to Angela’s Charity.

How our Lenten Campaign works:

Children can buy tickets each morning in their classroom from 5th & 6th Class children. Each ticket costs 50 cent and the child’s name will be entered into their class draw for an Easter Egg on the day of the Easter holidays. The class that collects the most money will raffle a second Easter egg. On the noticeboard inside the front door, the 5th & 6th class children are keeping a graph to see which class will win the second Easter Egg raffle.

During Angela’s talk today the children saw first hand where their money goes and how beneficial and helpful it will be. Thank you for your support.